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Dallas Dodgeball Cup 2018 Dodgeball Tournament

Dallas Dodgeball Cup 2018 Dodgeball Tournament

Dallas Dodgeball Cup Dodgeball Tournament

Presented by Dallas Dodgeball

What better way to spend the Thanksgiving Saturday than with a dodgeball tournament with friends and #dodgeballfamily? Work off those extra calories from the turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and pumpkin pies while you battle opposing teams on the courts of the state-of-the-art Advanced Sports Complex in Carrollton, Texas. This new facility promises to be an exciting venue and will make for a great tournament.

All teams are encouraged to participate, including existing dodgeball teams, corporate sponsored teams, restaurant and club-sponsored teams, office teams, family teams, church teams, sorority and fraternity teams, police and firefighter teams, and more. Open to all area, national, and international teams. Sponsorship opportunities are available for the Dallas Dodgeball Cup.

  • Dallas Dodgeball Cup Dodgeball Tournament
  • Saturday, November 24th, 2018
  • 11AM to 7PM
  • Advantage Sports Complex, Carrollton, Texas (Map)
  • Ages 15 and Up
  • Open Division, 6 vs. 6
  • Womens Division, 5 vs. 5
  • No-Sting Dodgeballs
  • Round robin followed by championship bracket
  • $150 Per Open Team, $50 Per Women’s Team
  • Medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place. Swag bags for 1st Place.
  • Contact Tom Wakefield at for more information.
  • Registration: PayPal $150 (open division) or $50 (womens division) to After payment, send captain’s name and team name to Tom at
  • Event Facebook Page With Updates!

Tournament Poster


Jason’s Dream Toys for Kids Toy Drive

Dallas Dodgeball will be accepting toy donations for the Jason’s Dream Toys For Kids Toy Drive at the Dallas Dodgeball Cup 2018!

What kind of toys can I donate?

• New
• Un-wrapped
• Books are also needed
• Homemade toys are also accepted

What kinds of toys are NOT allowed?

• Used toys
• Toys with candy
• Toys related to weapons
• Toys with chemicals (i.e., experimental labs, acid, crystal projects, etc.)

What ages of children are eligible to receive toys?

• ages 0 up to 12 years
• gifts for ages 0-2 are in great need

More info about Jason’s Dream at


Uniforms: Teams should wear uniforms. Uniforms do not require names or numbers. Fun costumes are highly encouraged. (Uniforms/costumes are not required.)

Each team starts with 6 players on the court. A team must have at least five players in order not to forfeit the game.

Players must be 18 years old or older, though waivers are available to those under 18 deemed competitive by the commissioner.

The object of the game is to eliminate all players on the opposing team.

No time-outs, except for injury timeouts called by the ref.


Each team plays every other team in the round robin. The matches are best of three and all three games are played. After the round robin, there will be a short break. After the break, there will be a seeded double-elimination championship bracket. Seeding is based on round robin records. Games in the championship bracket will be best of five in the winner’s bracket and best of three in the loser’s bracket. If time becomes an issue, all matches may become best of three at the discretion of the tournament directors.

Starting the Game

Six balls are placed on the middle line, three on each side of the court. One of the six balls is a burden ball (yellow). That ball is placed on the right side with the two other balls for that side (the right side when viewing the courts from the entrance side.)

The referee will start the game either with a whistle or with the words “on your mark, get set, dodgeball.” Players rush for the three balls on their right side of the court. (They do not rush for the three balls on their left side of the court.) After retreiving the balls, the balls must be checked back to the attack line to be actively thrown. (The balls can still be used for blocking prior to being checked back.)

Getting Out

Balls are considered live until they hit the ground, ceiling, basketball goals or side walls.

You are out if you get hit with a thrown ball before that ball touches the ground, ceiling, etc.

You are out if you throw a ball and a member of the opposing team catches that ball before that ball touches the ground, ceiling, etc.

You are out if you drop a ball to the ground while attempting to block a ball.

You are out if you block a thrown ball with a ball but the thrown ball still hits your body before it hits the ground.

You are out if you cross the middle line.

A catch that is made as the catcher is struck by another live ball is a valid catch and the thrower is out. The catcher is still out by contact from the other ball(s).

You are out if you are out of bounds. A player is out of bounds when the player’s entire body is outside the lines of the court. To be in bounds, some part of your body must be touching the playing court.


A ball hits three players before hitting the ground. All three players are out.

A ball hits three players but a player catches the thrown ball before it hits the ground. The three players are not out. The person who threw the ball is out.

A ball is deflected from a blocking ball and caught before it hits the ground. The player who threw the ball is out.

A ball is deflected into a player. The player the deflected ball hit is out.

A ball strikes a player and is popped up and is still in the field of play. The struck player catches another ball before that popped up ball hits the ground. The catch still counts as an out.

General Rules

If a player catches a ball and gets an opponent out, then an out player can return to the game (first one out, first one back in.) If no players are out then no one can return to the game (outs are not saved or accumulated.) Only players that start the game are eligible to return to play during that game.

Out players must leave the court immediately and not interfere with further play by blocking thrown balls, loose balls, etc.

A trapped ball (a ball that hits a player and the floor at the same time) is not considered an out.

Fingers are considered a part of the ball for purposes of blocking. A ball striking a blocking player’s fingers will not eliminate that player. If the ball strikes the player’s hand while blocking, the blocking player is eliminated. The knuckle (where the fingers join the hand) marks the beginning of the “hand” for purposes of this rule.

Time Rule: If play stalls, the referee will initiate a five-second countdown. The team with the most balls (ball count) must throw a ball within the five-second countdown. If both teams have the same amount of balls then the team with the yellow (burden) ball must throw at least one ball by the end of the five-second countdown. If a player or players do not throw a ball within the five seconds, then all balls in the offending team’s possession are forfeited to the other team. A throw from the other team does not reset the count. The ball must be thrown by the team with the burden ball.

If a game stalls due to balls near the center of the line being inaccessible to players without those players potentially getting out, then a referee will redistribute those balls equally among both teams, or if odd number of balls, then one ball is placed on center of center line.

NEW: Once a game is 1 vs 1 there is no blocking with a ball. A player who blocks a thrown ball will be called out.

Retrieving balls that leave the court: Eliminated players and spectators are encouraged to return balls that leave the court. Players may not leave the court to retrieve balls. Players that leave the court for any reason are ruled out.

Players are encouraged to be honest and fair, and to play with good sportsmanship. If out, a player is encouraged to go out even if not called out by a ref.


Headshots are discouraged but DO count as an out. Players are encouraged not to hit ladies in the head. Headshots on guys are considered funny.


Once a game begins there are no substitutions, even in the case of injury.


Penalties are enforced to protect players and the integrity of games.

Suicide plays (where a player jumps over the middle line to throw a ball) are not allowed. A suicide play will result in an immediate out of the player and no results of the play can benefit the player’s team. A person committing a suicide play will not be eligible to play in the next game, and a second suicide play by a player will result in the player’s suspension for the rest of the tournament.

Crumpling or pinching of balls is not allowed. A firm grip that results in a slight depression in the ball is allowed. Players that crumple or pinch balls will be ruled out. A second infraction of this rule will result in the player’s suspension for the rest of the tournament.

Players that curse at and/or demean other players and refs in a derogatory or mean manner will be called out and will not be eligible to play in the next game. A second incident will result in the player’s suspension for the rest of the tournament.

Unnecessary roughness will not be tolerated. This rule is specifically designed to protect female players from egregious and unnecessary throws to the face. Headshots, as stated above, are legal, but headshots intentionally thrown at near range into the face (or upper body) of a female player will result in the immediate out of the throwing player. A person committing unnecessary roughness will not be eligible to play in the next game, and a second offense by a player will result in the player’s suspension for the rest of the tournament. Near-range headshots on males are strongly discouraged.

Interfering with play. A player who has been called out must leave the court immediately and not intentionally interfere with ongoing play to include blocking balls, diverting balls, kicking balls, approaching opposing players and the like. If a player intentionally interferes with play, then all balls on that player’s side will be forfeited to the other team and the player will not be eligible to play in the next game. A second infraction will result in the player’s suspension for the rest of the tournament.

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