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Dodge Bowl 7 Dodgeball Tournament

Dodge Bowl 7 Dodgeball Tournament


JULY 20, 2019 – DALLAS – CO-ED – 7 vs 7 – AGES 14 & UP – $150 PER TEAM


Dallas Dodgeball’s Dodge Bowl 7 dodgeball tournament, to be held in Dallas on July 20th, 2019 promises to take the experience to a new level with even more teams, more top players and more dodgeball action. The co-ed 7 vs 7 tournament will feature the World Dodge Ball Federation’s (WDBF) 7-inch foam dodgeballs, the same dodgeballs used in the WDBF World Championships. Teams will be competing for the glory and also for custom dodgeball medals with the Dodge Bowl 7 logo. All teams are welcome to participate, including existing dodgeball teams, corporate sponsored teams, restaurant and club-sponsored teams, office teams, family teams, church teams, sorority and fraternity teams, police and firefighter teams, and more. Open to all area, national, and international teams. Sponsorship opportunities are available for Dodge Bowl 7. Contact us for more info.

  • Dodge Bowl 7 Dodgeball Tournament
  • Saturday, July 20th, 2019
  • 10AM to 6PM
  • Walnut Hill Rec Center, Dallas Texas
  • Ages 14 and Up
  • Coed, 7 vs 7
  • WDBF 7-inch Foam Dodgeballs
  • Round robin followed by double-elimination championship bracket
  • $150 Per Team
  • Medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place

Registration Info

Team captains contact the Commissioner of Dodgeball Tom Wakefield at to register your team. Make arrangements to pay the registration fee of $150 at the Walnut Hill Rec Center by July 17th, 2019, or contact Tom for PayPal instructions.

Walnut Hill Rec Center

10011 Midway Rd
Dallas, TX 75229
(214) 670-7112

Dodge Bowl 7 Poster


The tournament begins with round robin pool play followed by a double elimination championship bracket.

Each team starts with seven players on the court. Teams must have at least one female. If a team does not have at least one female, then the team can start with the following:

– Six guys, no girls
– Five guys, no girls
– A team must have at least five players in order not to forfeit the game.

Six balls are placed on the middle line, three on each side of the court. One of the six balls is a burden ball (yellow). That ball is placed on the right side with the two other balls for that side (the right side when viewing the courts from the entrance side.)

The referee will start the game either with a whistle or with the words “on your mark, get set, dodgeball.” Players rush for the three balls on their right side of the court. (They do not rush for the three balls on their left side of the court.) After retrieving the balls, the balls must be checked back to the attack line to be actively thrown. (The balls can still be used for blocking prior to being checked back.)

The object of the game is to eliminate all players on the opposing team.

No time-outs, except for injury timeouts called by the ref.

No substitutions once a game begins.

Teams switch sides after every game.

Getting Out

You are out if you get hit with a thrown ball before that ball touches the ground, ceiling, netting or other gym fixture.

You are out if you throw a ball and a member of the opposing team catches that ball before that ball touches the ground, ceiling, netting or other gym fixture.

You are out if you drop a ball (to the ground) while attempting to block a ball with a ball.

You are out if you block a thrown ball with a ball but the thrown ball still hits your body before it hits the ground.

You are out if you cross the middle line.

You are out if you touch a wall.

Balls are considered live until they hit the ground, ceiling, netting etc.


A ball hits three players before hitting the ground. All three players are out.

A ball hits three players but a player catches the ball before it hits the ground. The three players are not out. The person who threw the ball is out.

A ball is deflected from a blocking ball and caught before it hits the ground. The player who threw the ball is out.

General Rules

Players are expected to be honest and fair, and to play with good sportsmanship. If out, a player is encouraged to go out even if not called out by a ref. Team captains are expected to enforce the honesty expectation with their players.

If a player catches a ball and gets an opponent out, then an out player can return to the game (first one out, first one back in.) If no players are out then no one can return to the game (outs are not saved or accumulated).

Out players must leave the court immediately and not interfere with further play by blocking thrown balls, loose balls, etc. If a player purposefully interferes with play after being called out then all balls in the possession of that player’s team will be forfeited to the other team.

Fingers are considered a part of the ball for purposes of blocking. A ball striking a blocking player’s fingers will not eliminate that player. If the ball strikes the player’s hand while blocking, the blocking player is eliminated. The knuckle (where the fingers join the hand) marks the beginning of the “hand” for purposes of this rule.

A trapped ball (a ball that is caught at the same time the ball hits the ground) does not count as an out for either the thrower or catcher.

Time Rule: If play stalls, the referee will initiate a five-second countdown. The team with the most balls must throw a ball within the five-second countdown. If both teams have the same amount of balls then the team with the “burden ball” (yellow ball) must throw a ball within the five-second countdown. If a player or players do not throw a ball within the five seconds, then all balls in possession by the offending team will be forfeited to the other team. Teams may not place a ball just over the line to circumvent this rule. Balls must be thrown with sufficient force to reach the back of the court. A ball thrown by either team during the countdown resets the countdown.

If play stalls due to balls near the middle of the court that players are unwilling to get then the referee will distribute those balls evenly between the teams. If there are an uneven amount of balls, then the last ball is placed on the center of the center line. This rule is to prevent teams from placing balls just over the center line to circumvent ball count rules and to prevent stalls in games.

Gloves of any kind are not allowed. Players may tape their fingers as long as there is not a sticky substance on the outside of the tape.

No suicide plays (where a player jumps over the middle line to throw a ball).

Once a game is 1 vs 1 there is no blocking with a ball. A player who blocks a thrown ball will be called out.

Retrieving balls that leave the court: Eliminated players and spectators are encouraged to return balls that leave the court. Players may not leave the court to retrieve balls. Players that leave the court for any reason are ruled out.

Players are encouraged to be honest and fair, and to play with good sportsmanship. If out, a player is encouraged to go out even if not called out by a ref.

Altercations between teams and players will not be tolerated. Any player that touches, pushes, hits or spits on another player during an altercation will be removed from the tournament immediately. (This rule is being expanded to include any player that “gets in the face” of another player, approaches a player menacingly, or issues verbal threats to another player.)

This is a player-reffed tournament. Refs will be provided with yellow cards to enforce unsportsmanlike conduct. Any player who receives two yellow cards during the tournament will be removed from the tournament and building.

Players are not allowed to argue calls with refs beyond the immediate call. Only team captains should discuss a call in question with the refs.

Out of Bounds

A player is out of bounds and is out when the player’s entire body is outside the lines of the court.

Head Shots

Head shots are allowed since this is a foam ball dodgeball tournament. Helmets and protective headwear are allowed.


Teams play other teams in best of three sets in round robin (the third game is still played if one team has already won two games). Team records in the round robin portion of the tournament will be used for seeding in the double elimination bracket to be held following the round robin.

  1. Match records
  2. If there is a tie in match records, then best overall winning percentage in all games will be the tiebreaker.

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