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Dodge for a Cause Reffing Info

Dodge for a Cause Reffing Info

Information for Dallas Dodgeball players who will be officiating the Dodge for a Cause charity dodgeball tournament to be held at the American Airlines Center on June 19th, 2014. Player/refs are encouraged to wear Dallas Dodgeball shirts and promote Dallas Dodgeball where appropriate.

Parking will be free in the Audi parking garage, which is on the east side of the AAC.  The doors to the east side of the arena will be open.  Staff will be there early setting up in the afternoon, but are asking us to show up between 6:30 and 6:45 that will give them a chance to talk about anything last minute.

There will be three courts and we hope to have two refs on each court for a total of six refs.

Once they get to the elimination round, which should be around 9 p.m., the most they’ll be playing is two matches at once

RULES (Information from the tournament directors)

Teams will be 8 players each. There is no requirement regarding genders. We will be using eight rhinoskin 7” dodgeballs per court (picture attached). They fly pretty well but probably hurt a little less than rubber balls. The court will be approximately 60’ by 30’.

Because of the large number of games we’ll need to play, the schedule of events is largely set. At the moment, the tournament will either be 24 or 26 teams, divided into four groups. Teams will play (essentially) round robin in the group stages, with every team playing 5 total games. There will be three courts marked off total, with game going simultaneously. Each game will be three minutes long, followed by a two-minute break to reset the court. To keep things on track, we’d like to keep all the time at a central table, and will start and end every game from there (unless we determine this gets too unwieldy). If one team knocks out all the other team’s players, it obviously wins. If both teams still have players on the court at the end of the three minutes, the team with the most players remaining wins. We will have runners watching the matches from the side who will report the final results of each match to the main table, including the number of players each team had remaining.

The top two teams from each division will advance to the knockout round, with the tie breaker being the aggregate number of players left in all five games. The knockout rounds will also be three minute games with one minute breaks, but will be best 2 out of 3 format. The finals will be best 2-out-of-3, but will be untimed… a team must eliminate all the other team’s players. In total, we plan to begin games at 7 pm and they should run until approximately 10:15.

As far as refereeing goes, we can either have each game reffed by one person, and the six refs can rotate out however you all see fit, or we can have two refs per game if it’s easier to manage the game in that way. Players will be responsible for calling themselves out, but refs will help call players out. They will also be responsible for making sure players stay on the court… we had a problem last time with players generally hanging out behind their baseline for too long to avoid getting hit. We can discuss what you all think works best. (We will use our “college” rules. We will be lenient but if a player’s entire body is out then they are out.)


For the most part, we will follow the rules listed on under GETTING OUT and GENERAL RULES, with a couple of exceptions/changes:

Opening Rush

At the start, three dodgeballs will be positioned on lines 7’ from each side of the center line, with two additional balls on the center line several feet apart. Players will run from their backline to grab dodgeballs. Players grabbing the dodgeballs in the middle will need to first retreat behind the 7’ line before that dodgeball can be thrown. After that, anyone may throw from anywhere on their side of the court. I think this may cut down on chances that people will be injured in the initial rush.

No time-outs or substitutions mid-game.

Catching a ball will not entitle a player to come back in.

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