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Fall 2018 Draft League

Fall 2018 Draft League

Registration for Dallas Dodgeball’s Fall 2018 League is now open. The League Starts October 4th!

Get ready for Dallas Dodgeball’s Fall 2018 Draft League where you will be playing alongside new faces and new friends on evenly matched teams. For the first time, Dallas Dodgeball will have both a men and a women’s division!

After registering and paying at the Walnut Hill Rec Center, send your name and a link to your social media profile page (if you have one) to Tom at Your name will then be listed below in the Draft Picks section so that team captains can scout players. Players will be drafted to teams at the Draft Party to be held on September 28th.


  • Men’s 6v6 Foam League (6 balls)
  • Women’s 4v4 Foam League (6 balls)
  • $25 per player for the league (Each player must also have a Dallas Parks Recreation Card – $15 for Dallas residents, $25 for non-Dallas residents, $10 for Seniors 55+)
  • Persons who sign up are encouraged to provide a social media link so that team captains will have a better idea of who they are picking.
  • Draft Party on September 28th. You do not have to be present to be drafted.
  • Standard Dallas Dodgeball rules
  • Soft Lines
  • No Subs
  • Draft will be in snake format. Draft pick order will be team 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,1,2 etc.
  • Late Signups must go into supplementary draft and have equal number of players to teams. Teams redraw for draft order (Ex: 6 teams, means 6 people need to be in supplementary draft)
  • Men’s and Women’s league will run simultaneously to each other
  • 2 games per team each week
  • 3rd court will be utilized if needed to accommodate every game
  • 20 Minute matches
  • Recruiting/referral drawing. Players who refer, or bring new players into the league will have their name entered into a drawing for each registered addition. Fuzzy’s Giftcard or like prize.
  • No arguing/yelling at refs, or other players allowed. 1 warning given, followed by match ejection.
  • Aggressive behavior, including threatening, or “Charging” other players will be immediate ejection from night, as well as following week. Throwing or kicking of balls after a player is out will be included in this matter. Click here for full rules.


Registration Deadline: September 27
Draft Party: September 28 (Location to be determined)
Week 1: October 4
Week 2: October 11
Week 3: October 18
Week 4: October 25
Week 5: November 1
Week 6: November 8
Week 7: November 15 (Championship)


10011 Midway Rd.
Dallas, TX 75229

Team Captains

Coming soon!

Draft Picks

Jameel Ayoub
Rashad Bacon
Nick Bemiss
Dylan Bohn
Marissa Borjon
Joseph Chincarini
Quintin Coleman
Jeffrey Cornell
Deanna Darnes
Alicia Ellis
Abel Fernandez
Marie Garrigue
Patrick Grimley
Jonathan Harper
Sky Harrison
Miki Hashimoto
Logan Heckathorn
Lupe Spike Hernandez
Adam Hornback
Deshawn Hornback
Sarah Inkster
Austin Keaton
Grant Keyser
Von Kelly
Corey Larson
Curtis Manlapig
Joe Martinez
Kathleen Martinez
Rebecca May
Brad Mitchell
Carlos Montoya
Paula North
Kendall Ortez
Joel Osarhiemen
Jeremy Stephens
Kristy Stephens
Cody Stidham
Giovanni Vaquerano
Eric Vasquez
Tom Wakefield
Jonathan Wheeler


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