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Open Play

Open Play Weeknights

Open Play Weeknights



Dallas Dodgeball hosts Open Play Dodgeball on select Monday and Thursday nights at the Walnut Hill Recreation Center in N. Dallas. Open Play is a great way to play a fun sport, stay fit and meet other fun people in the area. All balls are no-sting, foam dodgeballs, allowing for fun, friendly and competitive games without any pain or bruising. The games are set to cool music, and players are encouraged to wear crazy uniforms and costumes. Basically, it’s one big party with dodgeball, music and friends.

We’ll pick teams from people who show up each week. There will be no refs, but experienced Dallas Dodgeball players will oversee games.

Afterwards, we’ll be headed to Fuzzy’s Tacos for even more fun (Thursday nights)!

*The annual fee for a Dallas Parks Recreation Card is $15 for Dallas residents and $25 for non-Dallas residents ($10 for Seniors 55+).

  • Co-Ed, Ages 18 & Up
  • Bring a Team, Part of a Team, Or Just Yourself
  • No Registration Required. Just Show Up, We’ll Pick Teams and Start Play


Thursdays at the Walnut Hill Recreation Center, 7-9PM

July 18
July 25
August 1
August 8
August 15
August 22
August 29

LOCATION: Walnut Hill Recreation Center


Walnut Hill Recreation Center
10011 Midway Rd.
Dallas, TX 75229

Walnut Hill is located in North Dallas at the corner of Midway Rd and Walnut Hill Rd.

Location at Google Maps


Captains are selected and teams are picked.

Teams start with 7-inch balls in their possession on their end line.

Games begin with the words “on your mark, get set, dodgeball.”

The object of the game is to eliminate all players on the opposing team.

No time-outs, except for injury timeouts called by the ref.

Getting Out

You are out if you get hit with a thrown ball before that ball touches the ground.

You are out if you throw a ball and a member of the opposing team catches that ball before that ball touches the ground.

You are out if you drop a ball while attempting to block a ball.

You are out if you block a thrown ball with a ball but the thrown ball still hits your body before it hits the ground.

You are out if you cross the center line onto the opponent’s side of the court.

Balls are considered live until they hit the ground, wall, ceiling, etc.


A ball hits three players before hitting the ground. All three players are out.

A ball hits three players but a player catches the ball before it hits the ground. The three players are not out. The person who threw the ball is out.

A ball is deflected from a blocking ball and caught before it hits the ground. The player who threw the ball is out.

General Rules

If a player catches a ball and gets an opponent out, then an out player can return to the game (first one out, first one back in.) If no players are out then no one can return to the game (outs are not saved or accumulated.)

Out players must leave the court immediately and not interfere with further play by blocking thrown balls, loose balls, etc.

A trapped ball (a ball that is caught at the same time the ball hits the ground) does not count as an out for either the thrower or catcher.

Stronger players are encouraged to “take it easy” on new and/or weaker players.

Players are encouraged to be honest and fair, and to play with good sportsmanship. If out, a player is encouraged to go out even if not called out by a ref.

Out of Bounds

Players are out if, during the course of play, their entire body is outside the boundaries of the playing court. Players may leave the court to retrieve balls but they must exit and enter on the backline.

Head Shots

Head shots are discouraged but DO count as an out on male players. If a male player hits a female player in the head then the male player is out and the female player stays in the game (unless the female player ducks into the ball). If a female player hits a male player in the head then everyone laughs and play continues (the male player is out).

Female players may use their hands and arms to block a ball that is about to hit their head and not be out.


Commissioner of Dodgeball: Tom Wakefield

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