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Open Play Saturdays

Open Play Saturdays

Sole Roll Indoor Soccer, Our Host, Has Closed

Please note that Sole Roll Indoor Soccer has permanently closed and we are no longer offering Open Play (or the associated birthday parties) on Saturdays.

Dallas Dodgeball hosts public Open Play Dodgeball on select Saturdays at Sole Roll Indoor Soccer in N. Dallas near the Galleria.

At Open Play Dodgeball, we pick teams from people who show up. If 20 people show up, then it’s 10 on 10. If 50 people show up then it’s 25 on 25. The average game lasts about 5 to 10 minutes, so if you get out, you’ll be back in the action soon for the next game. The games are co-ed and all ages are welcome.

We have players from all walks of life, from 2nd graders to senior citizens, boys, girls, teenagers, college students, little league sports teams, soccer moms, homeowners groups, Dallas-area social clubs and fraternities to name a few. The games are perfect for celebrating birthdays! Bring your friends and/or your enemies.

The games are a great workout, but you won’t even notice it until the next day. Injuries are few, if any. At worst, being hit by a dodgeball may sting a little, but most don’t even sting. Mostly, the guys throw at the guys and the girls throw at the girls if you’re worried about that. In fact, dodgeball is safer than most other sports in our estimation. (A softball isn’t so soft, for example.) We use mostly foam dodgeballs.

If you’re playing, wear athletic style clothing and bring a sportsmanlike attitude. Arrive a few minutes early to pay at the front desk and to warm up. And if you just want to watch, there are bleachers, restrooms and indoor sitting areas.





The Sole Roll Indoor Soccer facility is a premier facility perfectly suited for dodgeball. The fields are the perfect size for dodgeball, have netting to keep dodgeballs in play, and are carpeted for your safety. The facility has restrooms (but no water fountain at this time, so bring your own water or other non-alcoholic drinks). There are picnic tables that can be used for “dodgeball” birthday parties.

Sole Roll Indoor Soccer
4435 McEwen Road
Dallas TX 75244

The Sole Roll Indoor Soccer facility is conveniently located near LBJ Freeway and the North Dallas Tollway (near the Galleria), on the north side of McEwen between Welch and Midway.

From LBJ (I-635)
Take the Midway Rd exit and go north. Turn right (east) on McEwen Rd. (first intersection north of the LBJ Service Rd). We are located on the left (north) midway up.

From North Dallas Tollway (Southbound – from Plano/Frisco)
Take the Alpha Rd / Galleria exit and turn right (west) onto Alpha Rd. Turn left (south) on Welch. Turn right (west) on McEwen Rd. We are located on the right (north).

From North Dallas Tollway (Northbound – from Downtown)
Take the LBJ (I-635) exit west and continue to Midway Rd (next exit). Take the Midway Rd exit and turn right (north). Turn right (east) on McEwen Rd. (first intersection north of the LBJ Service Rd). We are located on the left (north). (Source: Sole Roll Indoor Soccer)


Location at Google Maps



1. Teams are picked.
2. Before the start of the game, dodgeballs are evenly distributed between the two opposing teams.
3. Play begins at the word “dodgeball.”
4. You can get an opposing player out by either hitting them with a thrown ball (without the ball touching the ground), or catching a ball thrown by an opposing player.
5. If a player catches a ball and gets an opposing player out, then a player who is already out on the catcher’s team can return to play. The first one out is the first one back in. The player returning to play is allowed to reestablish themselves on the court when coming off the bench. (If a large number of people are in attendance we do not use this rule so that games are not excessively long and players who are out can return sooner to the next game.)
6. Once a ball hits the side wall, netting, floor, etc., the ball is dead.
7. A player may block a thrown ball with a held ball, but if that ball is knocked out of their hands and hits the floor, then that player (who was holding the ball) is out.
8. If a player blocks a ball but then the ball still hits their body then that player is out.
9. Balls are considered live until they hit the ground (or side wall, netting, ceiling, backboard, etc.). If a ball hits more than one player before hitting the ground, then all players the ball hits before hitting the ground are out. (This is called pinball.) Also, if a player blocks a ball with a ball, and that ball (that was thrown) is popped up and the player or another player catches the ball before hitting the ground, then the player who threw the ball is out.
10. Players can “save” other players hit by a ball by catching the ball before it hits the ground. The player on the opposing team who threw the ball is out. For example, a player throws a ball and it hits a player on the opposing team, and the ball ricochets and hits two other players but another player catches the ball before it hits the ground, then the only player that is out is the player who threw the ball.
11. Balls may be caught by players holding balls, resulting in the player throwing the ball being out.
12. Trapped balls, balls that are “caught” by a player but hit the floor at the same time, result in neither the thrower or catcher being called out.
13. Head shots are allowed on adult male players, but not on kids or women.
14. Players are under the honor system and are required to leave the field of play if out. Usually, the player is the one who knows better than anyone if they are out or not.
15. Stronger players are urged to “take it easy” on weaker or younger players.
16. Balls should not be kicked.
17. Balls cannot be batted, spiked etc.
18. Players cannot pinch, deflate or crumple balls.
19. Suicide plays are not allowed. (In some leagues, a player can jump onto the opposing side and throw a ball before touching the ground, and if that throw results in an opposing player being out, then the person who threw the ball is not out. But if the jumper/thrower does not get an opposing player out, then that player who jumped and threw the ball is out.)
20. Dishonest, abusive or unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and may result in the player being ejected from the game and/or event.
21. Alcohol and illegal drugs will not be tolerated at the event.
22. The Commissioner of Dodgeball (Tom Wakefield) is the final rule on any situation not covered by the above rules.


Commissioner of Dodgeball: Tom Wakefield

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